Autogyro training
Want to fly autogyro?

To fly an Autogyro in many countries you require a licence. For autogyros pilots there is no high requirements or limitations. As long as you are the current holder of driver's medical certificate, there is no need to pass additonal medical inspection.

Even if have no flying exerience at all, it is possible to get gyroplane pilot�s certification after just 26 hours of training. If you already have some type of pilot license, depending on your experience there is a conversion course, reduced to 14 hours. The most important part of your training is a practical flight training with the instructor. Second part is an amount of theory followed by the exams that must be completed.

Your training will allow you to receive a Ultalight autogyros (gyroplane) pilot license, issued in accordance with ICAO rules.

Autogyro training school offers you different training packages, starting from an introductory flight to full training program with certification which allows you to fly solo and take a passenger along for the ride. You can also get a course with your required hours.

We offer flight training in two-seater autogyros: MTOsport or Calidus. We can train on flight school or your own gyroplane.

Autogyro training facilities are located in Lithuania, at Rojunai airfield (near Panevezys).

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